Nominal voltage 1,2V
This kind of rechargeable batteries is a cost-effective alternative and is manufactured in the same range of sizes as conventional batteries commonly used. Therefore, most electric devices can be operated by using NiMH-cells, too.ompared to alkaline or Zinc-Carbon batteries, NiMh-Accumulators have a lower internal resistance, and that's why they may release their stored energy in a relatively short time without the voltage dropping too much. The density of energy is about 80Wh/kg and thus is double as high as for a Nickel-Cadmium accumulator.

The NiMH technology doesn't need the toxic heavy metal Cadmuim, and will therefore replace the NiCd-Accumulators in the medium term. Further, there is no "memory effect" as known from NiCd batteries. The operating temperature should be above 0°C, because otherwise the capacity will drop too much. We offer the most common standard sizes such as f. e. AAA, AA, C, D, N and 1604D in different capacities.

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