Acoustic components can be classified into those which emit soundwaves and those able to receive soundwaves. Acoustic components are structured in 5 different kinds

Sounders / Buzzers

Those devices create sound in a number of different ways. There are piezoelectric, electrodynamic and elektromechanical constructions. Some sounders do have an internal oscillating circuit and therefore need just DC voltage applied to their terminals for making sound. Other sounders will need an external control circuit.


We offer miniatur loudspeakers of 10mm diameter as well as loudspeakers to be used f. e. in handsfree applications with an external diameter of 77mm. Those loudspeakers operate according to the electrodynamic priciple and do need an external control.

Receiver Units

Basically, a receiver unit can be considered as a modified loudspeaker. Specially designed for use in telecommunication devices, to achieve a flattest possible frequency curve when the device is held close to the ear. Knowing this, it explains why Receiver Units are often also called "Earpiece", "Hearing capsular" or similar.


Microphones are made to receice soundwaves. Depending on application and characteristics, they are classified into omnidirectional, unidirectional and bidirectional microphones. In addition, we offer a suitable holder for each microphone. These holders are made of rubber, to avoid disturbing outer vibrations being transferred to the microphone's housing.

SMD Buzzer, Pin Buzzer, Electrodynamic or and magnetic Transducer, Pieze Buzzer or Transducer, Mini Speaker or Loudspeaker, Receiver unit, SMD Electret Microphone, Ultrasonic Sensors.

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