The LiPo battery safety bag was developed to minimize possible consequential damage caused by a faulty charging process, e.g. defective protective circuit, overheating or damage to the LiPo cell.

Our LiPo charging safety bag is made of a special resistant fabric tested to UL94-V1 which prevents a possible fire from spreading to the immediate surroundings. In principle, the charging process should therefore not be left unattended. In practice, however, this is usually not possible. The battery charging safety bag therefore offers the best possible protection.

Our safety bags are manufactured to a high standard and closed with a Velcro strip. We offer various sizes or manufacture according to your specifications. Larger protective bags for LiPo packs are also possible. Please feel free to contact us.
You can choose between the colors red, silver and black. From a minimum order quantity of 300 pieces we can also print your company logo on the bag.

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