Choosing the right battery for your application is like choosing wine and good food. Not everyone goes with everyone. Fortunately, the choice of batteries is so diverse that we are sure to find the one that meets your requirements.

Our batteries

Standard lithium polymer battery: versatility and flexibility

As the "all-rounder" in our portfolio, the standard lithium polymer battery is suitable for a wide range of applications. Thanks to its design flexibility, we can tailor this battery to your application. The temperature range is between -20° and + 60° Celsius. The charging and discharging currents should be between 0.2 and 0.5C, depending on the capacity of the battery; short-term peaks of 1C are possible. With this cell you have a solid price-performance ratio.

Low-temp lithium polymer cell: For extreme temperatures

The low-temp lithium polymer cell is ideal for use at low temperatures. The operating range of this battery starts at - 40° Celsius due to the use of a special electrolyte. However, this makes the cell a little more sensitive to heat, so it should not be used at temperatures above +50°C.

High-discharge cells: High discharge currents and performance

If your application requires very high discharge currents and you also want to enjoy all the benefits of a lithium polymer cell, our high-discharge cells are just right. Thanks to their special chemical composition, they are able to deliver peak currents of 20C, and even up to 30C depending on the battery.

Lithium iron phosphate cell: robustness and long service life

The lithium iron phosphate cell is also versatile. Available in both cylindrical and prismatic designs, the cell is characterized above all by its robustness and long service life. Up to 10,000 charge/discharge cycles are possible. It is able to deliver stable high discharge currents. Even high charging currents do not disturb it, so that fast recharging can be guaranteed. In addition, this cell is able to cover a temperature range from -40° to +80°C.

Lithium tionychloride batteries: Long-term self-sufficient power supply

If your application requires a self-sufficient power supply over a longer period of time with low power requirements, lithium tionyl chloride batteries are ideally suited. Thanks to their low self-discharge and high energy density, they can supply power for years, e.g. for safety applications.

Of course, we have nickel-metal hydride cells, which can be used for all household appliances due to their AA and AAA format, as well as all common cylindrical lithium cells, e.g. 18650 or 21700.

Other battery types in our range

To protect the cells from deep discharge or excessive currents, we can equip them with a protective circuit (PCM), NTC or PTC, depending on requirements and customer wishes. We also have access to a wide range of the most popular connector manufacturers, e.g. JST or Molex.

All of our cells have a current UN38.3 certification (transport safety) and are of course registered for disposal in accordance with the Battery Act.

Thanks to our cooperation with an accredited laboratory on site, we are able to have the batteries certified in accordance with IEC62133. Further IEC62133-CB certification, which is particularly important for sales to North America, is also possible thanks to our cooperation with TÜV® Japan.

To prevent damage due to charging errors or damage, we offer a safety bag made of flame-retardant material. This is available in various sizes in the colors silver, black and red. We also have the option of printing your company logo on the bag.

Please contact us and together we will find the right "wine" for your application.

About TPi-electronic components GmbH

TPi-electronic components GmbH sees itself as a bridge between the production lines in Asia and the manufacturing industry here on site. As an independent supplier of electronic components with a focus on acoustics, printed circuit boards, batteries and cable assembly, the company stands for competence and reliability.

Our mission and values

Our goal is to produce electronic components cost-effectively in Asia and to offer them according to the individual requirements of our customers. To be successful, it is not only the product that counts, but also respect and tolerance towards other cultures. The "how" of communication among each other and the personal will of each individual are the basis for economic success.

Our founding history and partnerships

The company was founded at the end of 2004. The management can look back on many years of experience. The result today is a network of carefully built up cooperations with Asian partners.

Through continuous exchange at eye level and regular visits to the production facilities, a trusting and friendly cooperation has been established.

Project process


You/new customers contact us via the website or by e-mail and
describe what is required.


TPi contacts you by telephone to analyze your requirements and specifications in detail.

Proposed solutions

The information collected is used to present the (new) customer with proposed solutions.


As soon as a product has been defined for the project, a sample is produced for the customer to test in the prototype.

Defining the framework conditions

Once the sample has been approved, the framework conditions for further cooperation are discussed, which ultimately forms the basis for the final offer.

Project completed

The project is then successfully implemented and completed.

E-Mail request

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