PCB + Modul

Nowadays, printed circuit boards are an integral part of electronic devices and are used in a wide range of applications.

Our FR4 fiberglass printed circuit boards are manufactured using the environmentally friendly HASL process (Hot Air Solder Leveling). This process completely dispenses with the addition of lead to the tin for the surface of the PCB, for the benefit of nature and climate protection.

This manufacturing process is suitable for all standard SMD components and offers very good reflow properties.
For more demanding applications, we offer FR4-KB-6160A printed circuit boards. These are additionally hardened by chemical processes to make them more resistant. A property that is indispensable for circuit boards that are subject to particularly high stresses or for multi-layer layouts.

It goes without saying that the PCBs are tested in accordance with IPC specifications.

In cooperation with our experienced engineers overseas, we develop customer-specific solutions for the desired electronic circuits.

Supported designs are GERBER, Altium Designer and PADS.

Please contact us and we will design your individual solution together with you.

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