Nominal voltage 1.2V
This type of rechargeable battery is an inexpensive alternative that is manufactured in the same way as standard batteries. This means that most electrical devices can also be operated with NiMh cells. Compared to alkaline or zinc-carbon batteries, NiMh batteries have a lower internal resistance, so they can release their stored energy in a short time without a large voltage drop. The energy density is 80WH/kg and is therefore twice as high as that of a nickel-cadmium battery.

The NiMh battery does not contain the toxic heavy metal cadmium and will therefore replace the NiCd battery in the medium term. There is no "memory effect" as with the NiCd battery. The operating temperature should be above 0° C, otherwise the loss of capacity will be too great.
We offer most standard sizes, such as AAA, AA, C, D, N and 1604D in different capacities.

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